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Post Drivers

At Round TUIT Fencing, in an effort to make it as easy as possible for you to install a high quality fence of your own, we offer post driver rentals. We offer daily or weekly rental rates and will also be happy to sell you a post driver, new or used. Call us today at (870) 783-0604 for more details!

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Post drivers for sale or rent

Call us today at (870) 783-0604 for more details.

The models we stock include these features:

  • Versatile trailer model allows you to drive posts while hooked up to a trailer or tow vehicle
  • Commercial grade, 14 horse power Kohler engine and direct mounted hydraulic pump for powerful efficiency
  • Numerous safety features included
  • Easily operated with a convenient joystick
  • Hydraulic post hugger with multiple post size adjustments for safety and ease of use
  • Adjustable hammer height for different post lengths
  • 67” mast stroke - Ability to adjust the hitch and mast with 16” of travel
  • Drive up to a 12” diameter post 12’ in height
  • 750 lb. hammer ensures you can drive a post in any soil condition
  • Greaseless poly slides - No springs means less downtime for maintenance
  • Safety features including hitch lock, forward/back tilt safety chain, L/R tilt with stop and mast skirting.
  • We have 1 unit in stock with a pilot hole auger.

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The Process

These are some of the key-points we have learned through our years of experience in the fencing industry.

  1. Brace posts need to be 4' deep. That means actually 4' below ground level.
  2. 2 bags of quick crete will not make up for lack of depth.
  3. It takes a lot of sweat to pound those line posts by hand, and it's a challenge to get them straight with the loader. Our post drivers can make your project so much easier!
  4. Our experience has been that for a standard livestock fence two brace posts driven 4' into undisturbed ground is superior to other methods in effectiveness and cost.

  5. We are offering post driver rental to make your job professional, efficient, durable and a whole lot less work!

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