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Heavy duty livestock panels

At Round TUIT Fencing we're confident that these extremely heavy duty free standing panels will bring you tremendous value. cattle just won't hurt them! We've been using these panels for 13 years and have yet to see an animal damage one, EVER! if you want your money's worth in a corral panel that is portable, durable and won't depreciate, you just found it! redesign your corral every week till you figure out exactly how you like it! We have on many occasions set up a catch & sort pen out in a pasture to sort cattle and load in stock trailer.

WARNING: these panels are too heavy to be moved by hand. you will need a loader.


    • 24 1/2' long x 5 1/2' high
    • Gates come in 8', 10', 12', and 14' lengths
    • 360* hinges on gates
    • Gates come with tie chain
    • Panels come with chain welded on one end.
    • Panels have removable feet for long distance transport.

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