fence post system

Round TUIT Field Fencing

"NEW" Steel corner braces with no welding whatsoever! Too good to be true!? We agree! This is truly revolutionary! And while these braces are hot stuff, take a look at our line posts. They truly bring innovation, durability, and western-style all together into one neat post. Our unique fastening system eliminates the use of staples and wire ties. Our system uses 4 inch common spikes curled into a pigtail and welded onto a 3/4" post.

Posts Made from Recycled Material. Won’t Rot! Won’t Burn!

Installation Is Simple

Set your post, stretch your wire, and snap it into the curled spikes. Turn the post with a small pipe wrench to lock wire onto the post. We can accommodate Spacing for any type of wire. All materials meet Organic Industry Qualifications.

View photos of field fencing solutions by Round TUIT Fencing in Rector, AR.

fence corners as easy as...

Corner Posts Can Be Manufactured To Any Length Needed


Place Cross-brace on the ground where you want the corner to be.


Insert Corner Posts into Cross-brace ends. Pound to desired height.


Slide Cross-brace up to desired height. Tighten set screws. To complete the corner, use one of the Corner Posts already set and repeat the same steps needed.

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