Livestock and agricultural fencing

Agricultural Fencing

At Round TUIT Fencing, we are your resource for agricultural fencing services throughout Northeast Arkansas and the rest of the Southeastern US. Learn more about our agricultural fencing products and services below.

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Heavy Duty Livestock Panels

At Round TUIT Fencing we're confident that these extremely heavy duty free standing panels will bring you tremendous value. Cattle just won't hurt them! We've been using these panels for 13 years and have yet to see an animal damage one, EVER! If you want your money's worth in a corral panel that is portable, durable and won't depreciate, you just found it! Redesign your corral every week until your fencing works best for you. We have on many occasions set up a catch and sort pen out in a pasture to sort cattle and load in a stock trailer. WARNING: These panels are too heavy to be moved by hand. You will need a loader.


  • 24 1/2' long x 5 1/2' high
  • Gates come in 8', 10', 12', and 14' lengths
  • 360* hinges on gates
  • Gates come with tie chain
  • Panels come with chain welded on one end
  • Panels have removable feet for long distance transport
pouring concrete slabs

Field Fencing

Our field fencing features steel corner braces with no welding whatsoever! Too good to be true? We agree! This is truly revolutionary. And while these braces are hot stuff, take a look at our line posts. They truly bring innovation, durability, and western-style all together into one neat post. Our unique fastening system eliminates the use of staples and wire ties. Our system uses 4 inch common spikes curled into a pigtail and welded onto a 3/4" post. These posts are made from recycled material, and they won’t rot or burn. Installation is easy – Set your post, stretch your wire, and snap it into the curled spikes. Turn the post with a small pipe wrench to lock wire onto the post. We can accommodate spacing for any type of wire. All materials meet Organic Industry Qualifications.


  1. Place Cross-brace on the ground where you want the corner to be.
  2. Insert Corner Posts into Cross-brace ends. Pound to desired height.
  3. Slide Cross-brace up to desired height. Tighten set screws. To complete the corner, use one of the Corner Posts already set and repeat the same steps needed.


See other types of agriculture fencing we specialize in at Round TUIT Fencing!

Barbed Wire Fencing

Barbed wire fencing is a classic style of agricultural fencing that farmers and ranchers have utilized for centuries. As a popular option that offers ease of maintenance, this affordable and accessible fencing type is versatile and easy to install. Round TUIT Fencing is your source of barbed wire fencing and installation in Northeast Arkansas. Contact us today for barbed wire fencing at your farm or ranch today by giving us a call at (870) 783-0604!

Woven Wire Fencing

Woven wire fencing, also known as field fencing, is an excellent choice for cattle, horses, and other livestock. The woven wires in the fence create a barrier that is nearly impossible for animals to get through! This means your livestock will stay in while keeping predators out. Woven wire fencing is also durable, versatile, and cost effective for your property. Woven wire fencing is easy to install, generally attached to fence posts spaced every 12 feet. We're the leading provider of woven wire fencing in Northeast Arkansas!

Electric Fencing

Electric fencing is incredibly versatile and secure. It can restrain large animals such as cattle and pigs to smaller animals such as chickens and rabbits. Electric fencing is a great way to keep predators away from your livestock, crops, or even backyard garden. The professionals at Round TUIT Fencing can help you select and install the right electric fencing for your needs! This customizable fencing should be built with your specific goals in mind, and we are here to help. Call us today to get started!

Continuous Fence

Constructed out of solid round metal posts, continuous fencing is ideal for a variety of uses on your farm or ranch, including pastures, areas, pens, and more! Continuous fencing from Round TUIT Fencing are durable and versatile, ensuring they will withstand the elements and keep your livestock secure, no matter how you decide to use them. Available in a variety of panel sizes, Round TUIT Fencing is your trusted source for continuous fence panels in Northeast Arkansas. Contact us today for more information.

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