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At Round TUIT Fencing, we specialize in livestock fencing. Based out of Rector, AR we work alongside so many farmers and ranchers in need of fences that will be strong, reliable, and durable. It is with a whole lot of excitement that we roll out our latest and greatest new products which we are certain can benefit you in your livestock operation. We, too, are in the livestock business and fully understand that the challenges and stresses that exist are sufficient without the added worry about your fences holding.

Whether it's a catch pen or a pasture fence we believe our products can add value and peace of mind to your business. See our ever-increasing line of products for more information.

The Round TUIT People

At Round TUIT Fencing, we are here to serve you with enthusiasm, faith, and high ethical standards. We are committed to stand behind our products and see to it that your fence needs are met or exceeded. We are a growing company and while Northeast Arkansas is currently our headquarters, we are offering our exciting new products all across the The Southeastern United States. We are careful in our selection of the products we carry and attempt to only offer to you what we consider to be premium quality. Like all the rest of you farmers and ranchers, we are used to making do, improvising, being creative, and taking a good idea and making it better. as a result, we are always looking to improve our line of products and your help will be appreciated.

Whether you have a nifty fencing tool that "everyone" should have, or an idea of how our products can be made even better, we are excited to brainstorm with you & hear your input. If you’re interested in learning more about our services please give us a call today at (870) 783-0604.


Round TUIT Heavy-duty livestock panels: a catch pen or corral or loading chute that's nearly indestructible! Your livestock just won't hurt these panels. Put a gate with a 360 degree hinge on the end of any panel you want and you've got a portable, quick, durable corral. Sleep well the night before round-up!

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"NEW" Steel corner braces with no welding whatsoever! Too good to be true!? We agree! This is truly revolutionary! And while these braces are hot stuff, wait till you see our line posts. They truly bring innovation, durability, and western-style all together into one neat post.

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